Areas of Practice

corchete  Mexican Corporate law

Being aware of the importance of the legal aspects in every corporation, DOA, through its Mexican attorneys, offers legal advice and due diligence to companies in the automotive, commercial, finance and real estate industries, from their incorporation, their operation and if applicable, throughout the dissolution and liquidation process.

  • Incorporation of companies
  • business advice and planning
  • Corporate governance
  • Shareholders’ and Board of Directors’ Meeting minutes
  • Granting of Powers of Attorney
  • Due diligence
  • Transformation, spin-off and mergers
  • dissolution and liquidation of companies

corchete  Contract law

Keeping in mind the relevance to our clients to properly backing up their contractual rights and obligations, taking in consideration the point of view of their litigation Mexican attorneys, DOA renders advice in the planning, negotiation and drafting of contracts and covenants in civil and commercial matters in Mexico.

  • Trust funds
  • Loan agreements
  • Mortgage agreements
  • Distribution agreements
  • allocation agreements
  • Purchase agreements
  • Leases
  • Joint ventures
  • Franchises
  • Partnership agreements

corchete  Mexican Real Estate

To provide safety, peace of mind and properly guarantee the closing of real estate operations, DOA, through its Mexican lawyers, helps their clients in the acquisition or conveyance of real property or its use and enjoyments rights, from the verification of the legal status of the property and authority of the seller or buyer, to the closing and registration to the purchaser at the relevant registrar office.

  • Investigation of registry background of the property
  • Verification of the legal status of the property
  • Investigation and verification of the seller and/or purchaser’s authority
  • assessment on the property’s negotiation
  • Drafting and review of the agreements in all its modalities (Conveyance, mortgage agreement, trusts that allow foreign nationals to acquire rights over real property in restricted areas, guarantee trusts, time shares)
  • Advice on granting of powers of attorney to buyers and sellers
  • advice during the closing phase at the Notary Public’s office
  • Verification of registration of the conveyance at the relevant registrar office
  • Advice on acquisition or purchase of time shares in Mexico

corchete  Mexican Tax Planning

DOA offers advice and planning services on federal, state and municipal contributions, as well as adequate tax planning for its client’s needs, for them to obtain the best taxing options allowed by the tax regulations.

We represent clients before tax authorities in the three levels of governments, administrative procedures, such as: criteria confirmation, tax return authorizations, administrative reconsiderations, clarifications, amongst others.

corchete  Tax Litigation

In the social and political environment we live in, occasionally exists an overreach of its functions by the administrative authorities or an omission in the compliance of its obligations that affects the interest of our clients.

In the tax litigation area we give advice and represent our clients against resolutions issued by the tax authorities in the three levels of government: federal, state and municipal. Through such resolutions are determined penalties or fiscal credits arisen out of tax home visits or any other taxing act that violate the clients’ rights, such as: seizures, negative of tax return, joint liability, amongst others.

Such representation comprise the filing of defense means, such as administrative resources before tax authorities, and filing of annulment claim at the Federal Tribunal of Tax and Administrative Justice and Amparo proceeding.

Likewise, we represent our clients in the filing of Amparo proceedings against tax authorities’ acts that violate the Mexican Constitution.

corchete  Administrative Law

DOA through its Mexican attorneys renders the advisory services and legal representation to individual and domestic and international companies in:

  • item
  • Proceedings before administrative authorities of three levels of government: federal, state and municipal, such as: licenses, permits, authorizations, concessions
  • public bids, direct adjudications and government procurement
  • Eminent domain
  • drafting of contracts in administrative matters
  • State officers patrimonial liability
  • Development, follow up and exhaustion of verification visits from administrative authorities
  • Filing of defense recourses against administrative acts that violate the clients’ rights, such as: administrative recourses
  • Annulment claims before the Federal Tribunal of Tax and Administrative Justice and Administrative State Tribunals
  • Amparo proceedings against laws and administrative acts

corchete  National Waters

During the past years DOA has stand out in the legal market as specialist on Mexican national waters by offering its clients advisory services and legal representation before the National Water Commission (“Comisión Nacional del Agua”)

  • Concessions for exploitation of underground and shallow national waters
  • Concessions for materials extraction
  • Concession for occupation of federal land whose administration corresponds to the National Water Commission
  • Residual water discharge permits
  • Permits of hydraulic infrastructure works
  • Extension of concessions and discharge permits
  • Technical amendments of concession titled and permits for residual waters discharge
  • Notices to request the interruption of water rights lapse regarding water volumes not used
  • Authorization to convey titles and registrations
  • Certificated for water quality

We advise our clients regarding the compliance of their obligations before the National Water Commission to avoid sanctions, such as: fines, revocations, lapsing and foreclosures.

Our Mexican attorneys render advice in the rights payment, through the strategy implementation for its adequate measurement, consume informs, quality analysis, for the concessionaries to obtain optimal taxing conditions allowed by the tax provisions.

We Advice and represent our clients against resolutions issued by the National Water Commission that violates the legal interests of the concessionaries and permit holders, such as verification visits, fines, revocation, lapsing of rights, foreclosures, denial or dismissal of administrative procedures. Such representation comprises the filing of the relevant defense means, such as administrative recourses before the Water authorities and annulment claims before the Federal Tribunal of Tax and Administrative Justice and Amparo proceedings.

corchete  Mexican Environmental Law

Within this practice area, DOA through its Mexican lawyers offers its advice to individuals and domestic and international companies on:

  • Interpretation of plans and federal, state and municipal environmental order plans, urban development, protected natural areas, in order to determine the compatibility of the works development and/or projected activities with such regulations
  • Assessment on interpretation and application of environmental provisions, related with environmental liability, damage, environmental impact and management of hazardous waste
  • Application and procurement of concessions, licenses and permits granted by environmental authorities of the three levels of government, such as: environmental impact authorizations, risk assessments, change of land use in forest soil, concessions to occupy the Federal Maritime Land Zone
  • Representation on administrative and judicial procedures
  • Representation for inspection visits performed by environmental authorities

corchete  Mexican Immigration law

DOA Mexican Attorneys offer advice on drafting, filing and follow up of procedures at the National Immigration Institute (“Instituto Nacional de Migración”) and legal representation to foreign nationals and foreign employees and officers of domestic and foreign enterprises, for their legal internment and residence in Mexico.

  • Internment and departure of Mexico
  • Request of change of residence status
  • Request of migratory document
  • Work permit
  • Regularization of immigration status
  • Temporary or permanent visa requested by family unit
  • Temporary, permanent or visitor visa with authorization to perform businesses
  • Visitor visa without authorization to perform businesses, requested for humanitarian reasons
  • Immigration audits to determine if the foreign personnel is lawfully working in Mexico
  • Advice and legal representation against resolutions issued by immigration authorities, such as: visit and verification orders, immigration inspections, residency restrictions, deportations, administrative sanctions.
  • Filing of defenses against immigration authorities: Administrative procedures, annulment trials and Amparo trials.

corchete  Civil and commercial litigation

In the civil and commercial area, DOA has a group of specialized Mexican attorneys that represents individuals and companies at the trials in all of their procedural phases, from complaint or answer to appeals and Amparo trial.

Throughout the years, DOA has built a litigation department specialized attending high profile cases in the automotive, industrial, real estate and touristic branches. Such department is comprised of specialized litigators with different profiles that allows to analyze the matters entrusted from a different perspective in order to draft, in accordance with the client’s necessities, a litigation strategy to each entrusted matter. Such practice combined with the obtained results, was the reason DOA’s attorneys formed part of the team of attorneys that faced one of the biggest litigation cases in the automotive industry in Mexico. Furthermore, the firm has participated and collaborated in controversies that had great impact in the real estate and touristic industry in Mexico.

corchete  National and International Portfolio Collection

DOA has stood out during the past years for representing renowned domestic and international financial institutions in the collections of the loans granted to companies and individuals.

Its unique management, operation, administration and control method, its software called “Sistema Control de Avance” and its interaction with its clients, have permitted DOA to position in Mexico as one of the leader firms in the sector, by obtaining not only the highest levels of attention and efficiency on the portfolio recovery, but also, in the capacity of controlling and managing high volume portfolios.

DOA has focused on expanding not only in Mexico by offering its Mexican collections services in several states of Mexico, but also, by offering its services abroad and from its offices located in the United States.

Through its participation in different renowned associations, such as IACC and ABA, the firm has built alliances with attorneys in several countries of America and Europe that allows it to render its international portfolio recovery services to its clients.

  • Investigation and localization of debtors
  • Investigation of properties that could be subject to seizure during trial
  • Judicial attention during the entire procedure (Pleadings, appeal and Amparo)
  • Negotiation and execution of judicial covenants
  • International Portfolio recovery.

corchete  Mexican Intellectual Property

DOA has a department of experienced Mexican attorneys in intellectual property matters, whose main function is to advice its clients on their legal needs related with trademarks, patents, copyright and industrial secrets, starting from investigation and obtaining the registration before the Mexican Industrial Property Institute (“Instituto Mexicano de la Propiedad Industrial”), its maintenance and administrative litigation that could arise thereof.

  • Search of trademark backgrounds and opinion regarding the registration success possibilities
  • Patents and trademarks registration
  • Registration of trade names
  • Copyright registration
  • Trademark and copyright assignment
  • Cancellation and revocation procedures
  • Procedures before the Federal Court of Tax and Administrative Justice
  • License of use.
  • Rights reservations before National Institute of Copyrights (“Instituto Nacional de Derechos de Autor”).

corchete  Foreign Investment in Mexico

DOA understands the difficulty and burdens faced by the individuals or companies to start their business abroad. As a consequence, the firm has focused on building a team of Mexican attorneys and external providers that operate under the firm’s supervision that allows to advice the investor during the entire process, from the selection and incorporation of the type of business organization convenient to do business in Mexico upon its establishment and beginning of operations.

  • Procedures before the Ministry of Economy
  • Corporate advice on incorporation of companies
  • Shareholders’ meetings
  • Powers of attorney
  • Registration before several government agency needed for the company’s operation
  • Permits and licenses
  • Tax advice and planning
  • Immigration procedures
  • Trademark and patent registration
  • Real property advice for purchase or lease
  • Contracts.